Tuesday, August 08, 2006

My progress report

In my prelim earlier this year I got a grade 3 for my writing and a grade 2 for my reading. I'd never struggled in english before so had been expecting more than this. I was quickly running out of time as the final exam drew nearer and nearer. My grades still weren't improving and I was losing faith in myself, so my parents decided to arrange tutoring for me. Once a week, for just a couple of months, a friend and I went to tutuoring with my previous english teacher Mrs McIntosh. She decided that since an hour session every week would probably make very little difference to our grades, we should make a blog and post just a paragraph of a story every night if possible. The plan was that we would build up our story night upon night with Mrs McIntosh giving us guidance and pointers on where we were going wrong and how to improve. My writing began to improve and I started to gain confidence again.

In my standard grade english exam this year I achieved not only an overall 1, but straight 1s in every element of english and it's all thanks to Mrs McIntosh and her fantastic blog idea.