Sunday, October 29, 2006

Hi, I didn't understand what you meant about grace notes-what did you suggest the question should be?



Chris said...

I didn't get as far as actually suggesting a question! However, I wonder if there is any mileage in any of these ideas:
Grace notes in music are decorations added to a note which would be there if you took the decoration away - a frill, as it were. does that have any bearing on the story?
McLaverty is a man, writing about a woman. Does he convince you about her? Is she real? If so, how does he achieve this?
McLaverty is not a musician, but a writer. However, he describes qute a bit of music and the process of performing (I think) in this novel. How well does he do this? (Mr B once had a bit of an argument with him about this....)

AM said...

Don't ever believe anyone who tells you Highers are easier than they used to be and that the youth of today have an easier time than in former days. I sat highers in 1963---yes there were schools in those distant days!!--and I am astonished at the complexity of the work you have to do now. your work seems great to me but then I'm a scientist and know little of such things!!! BUT I do know yu have got to have good english passes for any worthwhile career. Keep up the good work I'm sure this blogging business is great practice.

Chris said...

Snap, am - you and I sat our Higher English in the same year!